Acupuncture clinic website design

While working as a freelancer in Ann Arbor,
I met Dr. Kong who wanted to refresh his website.
Click the link to view Dr. Kong's new site.

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UX/UI Design

Designed Dr. Kong's clinic website to make it more user freiendly and more informative.

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SEO Optimization

Help improve the clinic's search engine optimization to make it easier to new and prospective clients to find it online.

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Created marketing materials to improve the patient's experience.

Website Design

The website for the clinic is a place to educate people about Chinese medicine and give them confidence to come in to see Dr. Kong.

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What is Chinese medicine?

This page gives patients an overview about the different services the clinc can provide for Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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What will your visit be like?

This page tells patients what to expect when they come visit the clinc for the first time.

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Testimonials - What do other patients say?

This testimonial page was very important to Dr. Kong since he said most of his patients come to him by word-of-mouth.

Design Process

To better fit the clinic's requirements and satisify patients needs, I did lots of research work on other clinics' websites and did user testing to make sure the new site provided a better user experience.

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I conducted interviews with Dr. Kong, his current patients and even some new patients to get to know what they expected from this website.

Design & code

Designed a welcoming and soothing user interface and smoother user interaction compared to the old site.


Using prototypes to do user testing, I improved the design with user feedback and then repeated this process many times.

Client feedback

Dr. Kong is really happy with the new website. The new website provided him an easy platform to inform his patients and reduced his workload by a lot.